DesignBuilder for Architects

Assess energy efficiency and carbon performance during early stage design. Visualize solar shading and explore designs to maximize comfort and the benefits of daylighting and natural ventilation.

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DesignBuilder for Engineers

Our powerful simulation toolbox lets you model HVAC, daylighting, airflow, cost, energy and carbon. Optimize your solutions to meet design goals and maximize the benefits for your clients.

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DesignBuilder for Educators

Find out why universities and colleges like Harvard, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Rutgers have selected DesignBuilder to train the next generation of energy modelers. The reason is simple: DesignBuilder is the easiest and most powerful software available for teaching students building simulation.

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DesignBuilder Approved for Commercial Building Tax Deductions

DesignBuilder Approved for Commercial Building Tax Deductions DesignBuilder version now qualifies for the calculation of the energy and power cost savings for commercial building tax deductions under the IRS tax code Section 179D [see Qualified Software for Calculating Commercial Building Tax Deductions]. For information about the tax deduction visit the Commercial Building Tax Deduction Coalition.